API Reference

Hyperledger Composer API

Hyperledger Composer is an application development framework for building Blockchain applications based on Hyperledger. This is the JavaScript documentation for the Hyperledger Composer Client, Admin, and Runtime JavaScript APIs.

The original JSDoc format can still be found temporarily, whilst the new format is refinded. Please do send us your feedback.


All the classes are listed in the Class Index

The major components of Hyperledger Composer are:

  1. The Hyperledger Composer language for describing the structure of resources (assets, participants and transactions) that participate in a blockchain backed business network.
  2. JavaScript APIs to query, create, update and delete resources and submit transactions from client applications. Hyperledger Composer resources are stored on the Blockchain.
  3. JavaScript transaction processor functions that runs on Hyperledger Fabric when transactions are submitted for processing. These functions may update the state of resources stored on the Blockchain via server-side Hyperledger Composer APIs.