Historian (Client API)

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The Historian records the history of actions taken using Composer. It is a registry that stores HistorianRecords; each record is created in response to a transaction being executred.

As well as the transactions that are defined in the Network model other actions such as adding assets are treated as transactions so are therefore recorded.

Details of these are in the system model.


  • Extends Registry

  • Module client

See also

  • See (see {@link registry)

Method Summary

Name Returns Description
getHistorian Promise Get an existing historian.

Method Details


Promise getHistorian( SecurityContext securitycontext, ModelManager modelmanager, Factory factory, Serializer serializer )

Get an existing historian.


Promise - A promise that will be resolved with a IdentityRegistry instance representing the historian.


Name Type Optional Description
securityContext SecurityContext false The user's security context.
modelManager ModelManager false The ModelManager to use for this historian.
factory Factory false The factory to use for this historian.
serializer Serializer false The Serializer to use for this historian.