Using the Playground online

Try Hyperledger Composer Playground online

The Composer Playground is a tool which provides a simple UI for quickly editing and testing a business network. The hosted version (Online Playground) runs your business network in browser memory. If you install Playground locally (Local Playground) you can deploy to Hyperledger Fabric instances.

Note: There is no install necessary to use the Online Playground. If you'd like to install a local version, skip to the Install Local Playground instructions.

Before you begin

Before beginning, you will need:

  • A supported browser i.e. any modern version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari

Access the online Playground

The Online Playground can be accessed here:

Start with a Playground Tutorial

Play around with any of the available samples however you like - clearing your browser local storage will effectively "reset" the Online Playground. If you're looking for a more guided example of what Playground can do, try the Playground Tutorial.

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