Hyperledger Composer Network Undeploy CLI

Hyperledger Composer Network Undeploy

The composer network undeploy command permanently disables a business network. Once a business network has been undeployed, it cannot be redeployed.

Please Note: When using the undeploy command with a business network running on Hyperledger Fabric v1.0, the business network remains running, but will become unresponsive. The business network cannot be redeployed or updated once the undeploy command has been issued. This is because the business network is already deployed, but has been set to be unresponsive.

composer network undeploy -c <card-name>

Note that after undeploy the business network definition can no longer be used, however the docker container associated with the business network definition is still running. The docker container for the business network definition must be explicitly stopped and removed if no longer needed.


  --help         Show help  [boolean]
  -v, --version  Show version number  [boolean]
  --card, -c     The business network card to use to undeploy the network  [string]

Example Output

composer network undeploy -c admin@tutorial-network
Undeploying business network definition. This may take some seconds...
Command completed successfully.