Hyperledger Composer Network Update CLI

Hyperledger Composer Network Update

The composer network update utility is used to update a deployed business network archive from local disk to a Hyperledger Fabric runtime.

composer network update -a <business-network-archive> -c <card-name>

The business network definition must have been previously deployed to the Fabric. The business network definition is replaced within the same chaincode container.


  --help              Show help  [boolean]
  -v, --version       Show version number  [boolean]
  --card, -c          The card to use to update the network  [string] [required]
  --archiveFile , -a  The business network archive file [string] [required]

Example Output

composer network update -a digitalPropertyNetwork.bna -c admin@digitalPropertyNetwork
Deploying business network from archive: digitalPropertyNetwork.bna
Business network definition:
    Identifier: digitalproperty-network@0.0.1
    Description: Digital Property Network
Updating business network definition. This may take a few seconds...

Command succeeded