Interface MetricsProvider

  • public interface MetricsProvider
    Interface to be implemented to send metrics on the chaincode to the 'backend-of-choice'. An instance of this will be created, and provided with the resources from which chaincode specific metrics can be collected. (via the no-argument constructor). The choice of when, where and what to collect etc are within the remit of the provider. This is the effective call sequence. MyMetricsProvider mmp = new MyMetricsProvider() mmp.initialize(props_from_environment); // short while later.... mmp.setTaskMetricsCollector(taskService);
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        default void initialize​(java.util.Properties props)
        Initialize method that is called immediately after creation.
        props -
      • setTaskMetricsCollector

        default void setTaskMetricsCollector​(TaskMetricsCollector taskService)
        Pass a reference to this task service for information gathering. This is related specifically to the handling of tasks within the chaincode. i.e. how individual transactions are dispatched for execution.
        taskService -