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Hyperledger FireFly

Hyperledger FireFly is a multiparty system for enterprise data flows, powered by blockchain. It solves all of the layers of complexity that sit between the low level blockchain and high level business processes and user interfaces. FireFly enables developers to build blockchain apps for enterprise radically faster by allowing them to focus on business logic instead of infrastructure.

Intro to FireFly

The FireFly project focusses on:

  • Providing a great developer API and experience
    • CLI to get you running in minutes
    • Explorer UI as first class project component
    • APIs that abstract hard constructs into simple actions
    • REST APIs for your private history of participation in the network
    • Events built for web and microservice developers
  • Pluggability for implementations of multi-party system infrastructure
    • Blockchains, off-chain data exchange, identity, compute etc.
    • Microservice runtime architecture, embracing a variety of tech stacks
  • Making proven multi-party system patterns easy for new projects to adopt
    • On-chain/off-chain coordination
    • Multi-party business processes
    • Tokens - NFTs, value transfer, and common trade patterns like atomic swaps
  • Providing developer friendly access to custom transactions+events in the underlying platforms
    • Easy submission of transactions
    • Reliable access to events
    • Plugins customized to each blockchain protocol: Fabric, Ethereum, Corda
  • Visibility and control on the flow of data a multi-party system
    • Network map backed by pluggable identity
    • Private audit of participation in a local pluggable database
    • Easy pinning of proofs on data exchange to the blockchain