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Table of contents

  1. Batch
    1. Example
    2. Field Descriptions
  2. BatchPayload
  3. TransactionRef


A batch bundles a number of off-chain messages, with associated data, into a single payload for broadcast or private transfer.

This allows the transfer of many messages (hundreds) to be backed by a single blockchain transaction. Thus making very efficient use of the blockchain.

The same benefit also applies to the off-chain transport mechanism.

Shared storage operations benefit from the same optimization. In IPFS for example chunks are 256Kb in size, so there is a great throughput benefit in packaging many small messages into a single large payload.

For a data exchange transport, there is often cryptography and transport overhead for each individual transport level send between participants. This is particularly true if using a data exchange transport with end-to-end payload encryption, using public/private key cryptography for the envelope.


    "id": "894bc0ea-0c2e-4ca4-bbca-b4c39a816bbb",
    "type": "private",
    "namespace": "ns1",
    "node": "5802ab80-fa71-4f52-9189-fb534de93756",
    "group": "cd1fedb69fb83ad5c0c62f2f5d0b04c59d2e41740916e6815a8e063b337bd32e",
    "created": "2022-05-16T01:23:16Z",
    "author": "did:firefly:org/example",
    "key": "0x0a989907dcd17272257f3ebcf72f4351df65a846",
    "hash": "78d6861f860c8724468c9254b99dc09e7d9fd2d43f26f7bd40ecc9ee47be384d",
    "payload": {
        "tx": {
            "type": "private",
            "id": "04930d84-0227-4044-9d6d-82c2952a0108"
        "messages": [],
        "data": []

Field Descriptions

Field Name Description Type
id The UUID of the batch UUID
type The type of the batch FFEnum:
namespace The namespace of the batch string
node The UUID of the node that generated the batch UUID
group The privacy group the batch is sent to, for private batches Bytes32
created The time the batch was sealed FFTime
author The DID of identity of the submitter string
key The on-chain signing key used to sign the transaction string
hash The hash of the manifest of the batch Bytes32
payload Batch.payload BatchPayload


Field Name Description Type
tx BatchPayload.tx TransactionRef
messages BatchPayload.messages Message[]
data Data[]


Field Name Description Type
type The type of the FireFly transaction FFEnum:
id The UUID of the FireFly transaction UUID