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Table of contents

  1. Operation
    1. Example
    2. Field Descriptions


Operations are stateful external actions that FireFly triggers via plugins. They can succeed or fail. They are grouped into Transactions in order to accomplish a single logical task.

The diagram below shows the different types of operation that are performed by each FireFly plugin type. The color coding (and numbers) map those different types of operation to the Transaction types that include those operations.

FireFly operations by transaction type


    "id": "04a8b0c4-03c2-4935-85a1-87d17cddc20a",
    "namespace": "ns1",
    "tx": "99543134-769b-42a8-8be4-a5f8873f969d",
    "type": "sharedstorage_upload_batch",
    "status": "Succeeded",
    "plugin": "ipfs",
    "input": {
        "id": "80d89712-57f3-48fe-b085-a8cba6e0667d"
    "output": {
        "payloadRef": "QmWj3tr2aTHqnRYovhS2mQAjYneRtMWJSU4M4RdAJpJwEC"
    "created": "2022-05-16T01:23:15Z"

Field Descriptions

Field Name Description Type
id The UUID of the operation UUID
namespace The namespace of the operation string
tx The UUID of the FireFly transaction the operation is part of UUID
type The type of the operation FFEnum:
status The current status of the operation OpStatus
plugin The plugin responsible for performing the operation string
input The input to this operation JSONObject
output Any output reported back from the plugin for this operation JSONObject
error Any error reported back from the plugin for this operation string
created The time the operation was created FFTime
updated The last update time of the operation FFTime
retry If this operation was initiated as a retry to a previous operation, this field points to the UUID of the operation being retried UUID