Package org.hyperledger.fabric.gateway

package org.hyperledger.fabric.gateway
As of Fabric v2.5, replaced by the Fabric Gateway client API.

This package provides the set of interfaces that enable a Java application to interact with a Fabric blockchain network. It provides a simple API to submit transactions to a ledger or query the contents of a ledger with minimal code. The Gateway SDK implements the Fabric programming model as described in the Developing Applications chapter of the Fabric documentation.

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  • Class
    Represents a smart contract instance in a network.
    Event emitted by the business logic of a smart contract during execution of a transaction.
    Thrown when an error occurs invoking a smart contract.
    Provides static factory methods used to create instances of default Checkpointer implementations.
    Default commit handler implementations.
    Default query handler implementations.
    The Gateway provides the connection point for an application to access the Fabric network as a specific user.
    The Gateway Builder interface defines the options that can be configured prior to connection.
    Base class for exceptions thrown by the Gateway SDK or by components of the underlying Fabric.
    Runtime exception for gateway classes.
    This class consists exclusively of static methods used to create and operate on identity information.
    Common behavior shared by all identity implementations.
    A Network object represents the set of peers in a Fabric network (channel).
    A Transaction represents a specific invocation of a transaction function, and provides flexibility over how that transaction is invoked.
    A wallet stores identity information used to connect to a Hyperledger Fabric network.
    Factory methods for creating wallets to hold identity information, using various backing stores.
    Identity comprising an X.509 certificate and associated private key.