Package org.hyperledger.fabric.gateway.spi

package org.hyperledger.fabric.gateway.spi
As of Fabric v2.5, replaced by the Fabric Gateway client API.

This package provides the set of interfaces that enable a Java developer to extend the set of built in handlers for controlling gateway strategies.

  • Interfaces
    Persists the current block and transactions within that block to enable event listening to be resumed following an application outage.
    Class to handle waiting for an appropriate number of successful commit events to be received from peers following submit of a transaction to the orderer.
    Functional interface describing a factory function for constructing CommitHandler instances.
    Implemented by listeners for transaction commit events.
    Event with information relating to a peer disconnect.
    Defines a query and provides methods to evaluate the query on specific peers.
    Handler responsible for evaluating a given query against appropriate peers.
    Functional interface describing a factory function for constructing QueryHandler instances.
    Interface for store implementations that provide backing storage for identities in a Wallet.