Interface: GatewayOptions

fabric-network. GatewayOptions

Name Type Argument Description
identity string | module:fabric-network.Identity The identity used for all interactions on this Gateway instance. This can be either:
  • a label matching an identity within the supplied wallet.
  • an identity object.
wallet module:fabric-network.Wallet <optional>
The identity wallet implementation for use with this Gateway instance. Required if a label is specified as the identity, or clientTlsIdentity is specified.
identityProvider module:fabric-network.IdentityProvider <optional>
An identity provider for the supplied identity object. Required if an identity object is not one of the default supported types.
clientTlsIdentity string <optional>
The identity within the wallet to use as the client TLS identity.
tlsInfo object <optional>
Credentials to use as the client TLS identity.
Name Type Description
certificate string Certificate PEM.
key string Private key PEM.
eventHandlerOptions module:fabric-network.DefaultEventHandlerOptions <optional>
Options for event handling when submitting transactions.
queryHandlerOptions module:fabric-network.DefaultQueryHandlerOptions <optional>
Options for query handling when evaluating transactions.
discovery module:fabric-network.DiscoveryOptions <optional>
Discovery options.