HIP Identifier

_**HIP identifier** a short description plus a serial number with a version (for example this document is Template for a Hyperledger Improvement Project HIP 0.2)_


_**Sponsor(s)** name and contact details including email address_


_**Abstract** (less than 50 word) description of the project._


_**Context** if any, what is this project derived from? What if any is it related to?_

Dependent Projects

_**Dependent Projects** if any, must be listed, and each dependent project\'s maintainers must sign off on the proposal before it is considered by the TOC. **NOTE: If this project proposal is unique to an existing Hyperledger project, please discuss including this feature with that project's maintainers.**_


_**Motivation** for this project, a longer justification of the project may be a couple of hundred words. Why is this project better at solving a problem compared to parallel proposals or implemented projects?_


_**Status** of the project: See [project lifecycle](https://hyperledger.github.io/toc/project-lifecycle.html)._


_**Solution** to the problem addressed in the motivation section. Try to make this as detailed as possible. The topics given below are just suggestions, address only if they are relevant to your problem:_

  • Transactions- including types, confidentiality, signing, traceability, identity of participants, contracts (scripts)

  • Effects on User facing Clients that help with transaction formation (similar to Wallets in BTC)

  • Effects on the network, throughput, visibility to other participants, change in protocol if any, criteria for network participation

  • Block formation and ledger formation: Consensus algorithm, size overhead, effects on the throughput and rate

  • Backward compatibility (hard fork or updates by all network participants needed?)

  • Rough design and scenarios on the probable effects, if any

  • The use of diagrams is encouraged to elucidate concepts

  • Address any possible objections and also support that came up during seed proposal from technical community on the lists.

  • Traceability, testing criteria to gauge effects on installed base.

  • License of codebase (including dependencies)

  • Any trademarks used in the project name or codebase? </mark>

Effort and Resources

_**Effort and resources** committed (coders and any other resources that are needed) and timeline._

How To

_**How to**: How to host and test the project. How to deploy and use. How does one know that it works._


_**References**. See [citation guide](http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html)._


_**Closure** how do we know that the project succeeded. This has to be measurable if possible. Make references to successor projects if any._