Installing Playground only

Installing and running Hyperledger Composer Playground locally


This install method is being deprecated in favour of our simplified development environment install. We recommend you head there to get started.

This tutorial will take you through how to install and run the Hyperledger Composer Playground on your local machine. It also creates an instance of Hyperledger Fabric v1.0.

Hyperledger Composer Playground can also be used in a "browser only" mode, without a running instance of Hyperledger Fabric. When used in this mode, all the functionality of Hyperledger Composer Playground is available, but all of the data (business networks, assets, participants, and transactions) is persisted into browser local storage.

Before you begin

In order to install Hyperledger Composer Playground, you need the following software installed:

  • Operating Systems: Ubuntu Linux 14.04 / 16.04 LTS (both 64-bit), or Mac OS 10.12
  • Docker Engine 17.03 or greater
  • Docker Compose 1.8 or greater

Please note: If you've previously used Hyperledger Composer Playground locally or Hyperledger Fabric and wish to clear everything and start again, the following commands will delete any running containers and delete all downloaded images, (be careful if you're using other Docker images on your machine):

docker ps -aq | xargs docker rm -f
docker images -aq | xargs docker rmi -f

To run Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric, we recommend you have at least 4Gb of memory.

Creating the containers and installing playground locally

  1. Pick a directory that you want to install into, then run the following command to download and start a Hyperledger Fabric instance and Hyperledger Composer Playground:

    curl -sSL | bash
  2. Access your local Hyperledger Composer Playground by clicking this link: http://localhost:8080. Please note: Private browsing is not supported when running the Playground locally.

What's next?