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  • Feature Name: Create a standalone config transaction library that generates channel config creation and update envelopes
  • Start Date: 2020-03-20
  • RFC PR: (leave this empty)
  • Fabric Component: fabric, fabric-config
  • Fabric Issue: (leave this empty)


This feature will implement a consumable standalone library that supports generating configuration envelopes for operations including application and system channel creation, channel configuration updates, and attaching endorsing signatures to generated envelopes.


The motivation for this work is to provide a consistent API that is actually intended for consumption by external clients for any operations involving channel config transactions. One example usage case could be a CLI tool for creating config updates that takes as flags properties to be updated alongside an existing config transaction. This CLI tool could then pass these parameters down to the configtx package for generating a config update envelope with the computed read and write sets. Currently configtxgen is available and frequently misused as a tool for these operations, but it was never intended for production usage. Much of the existing process for generating configuration updates is both tedious and error prone involving decoding a config transaction to JSON with the protolator tool and manually modifying fields prior to encoding back to a protobuf and submitting for update.

Guide-level explanation

Work on this consumable library has already begun in fabric/pkg/configtx and tracked in FAB-17628. Example usage has been included in the godocs for this package and can be referenced for external tooling.

Reference-level explanation

API documentation already exists in the godocs for this package and can be referenced here.


Many potential consumers may already have a stable method for updating configuration transactions and may be unwilling to make amendments to their processes by consuming this library. It could be argued that even if this library exists, no external clients already using configtxgen would want to switch to consuming it. Another consideration is this library will only be provided in Golang, but may eventually support TinyGo compilation to WebAssembly for usage as a web module.

Rationale and alternatives

Eventually it will become too onerous to maintain current workarounds for channel configuration management as new features are added around channel config. Rather than having to manually update bits and pieces of workaround code, consumption of this library will become a consistent method for adopting new features.

Prior art

Consumable Golang packages have consistent and effective APIs, are well-documented, leverage universal coding standards, and provide useful examples of common usage.


This package has high coverage of core features on both a unit level and integration test level. Example usage tests are also included in the godocs.


In an effort to make this library as lightweight as possible, we’ve reduced the number of required dependencies to just a handful including the Golang standard library and the following imported hyperledger packages and components:

  • fabric-protos-go
  • fabric/common/policydsl
  • fabric/common/tools/protolator

Unresolved questions

As part of this RFC process we would like to also move the configtx package code we’ve already started on in hyperledger/fabric/pkg/configtx to a separate hyperledger/fabric-config repo to remove it from fabric’s release cycle. As a standalone consumable library, this package does not need to exist in hyperledger/fabric or be tied to a specific release.