Update Aug 29th 2019: Hyperledger Composer has been deprecated. Please see the README for more information.

Developing Applications

Developing Applications

Hyperledger Composer supports creating web, mobile or native Node.js applications. It includes the composer-rest-server (itself based on LoopBack technology) to automatically generate a REST API for a business network, and the hyperledger-composer code generation plugin for the Yeoman framework to generate a skeleton Angular application.

In addition it includes a rich set of JavaScript APIs to build native Node.js applications.

Writing a Node.js application

Developing Node.js applications to work with Hyperledger Composer allows you to programmatically connect to a deployed business network, create, read, update and delete assets and participants and to submit transactions.

Writing Web applications

Web applications that need to interact with deployed business networks should make calls to a REST API. The easiest way to create the REST API is to use the composer-rest-server to dynamically generate a REST API from the deployed business network.

Subscribing to events

Node.js applications can subscribe to events from a business network by using the composer-client.BusinessNetworkConnection.on API call. Events are defined in the business network model file and are emitted by specified transactions in the transaction processor function file.