Hyperledger Composer Identity Bind Command

Composer Identity Bind

The composer identity bind command binds an existing identity to a participant in a participant registry. See the task Binding an existing identity to a participant for a walkthrough of using this command or the API.


$ composer identity bind
composer identity bind [options]

  --help                 Show help  [boolean]
  -v, --version          Show version number  [boolean]
  --card, -c             Name of the network card to use  [string] [required]
  --participantId, -a    The particpant to issue the new identity to  [string] [required]
  --certificateFile, -c  File containing the certificate  [string] [required]


--card, -c

Name of the business network card to use. Example: admin@sample-network

--certificateFile, -c

The path a file containing the certificate for the existing identity in PEM format.
Example: /tmp/cert.pem

--participantId, -a

The fully qualified identifier of the participant that the identity should be issued to.
Example: resource:net.biz.digitalPropertyNetwork.Person#lenny@biznet.org