Allows access to information about a transaction that is committed to the ledger.

interface Commit {
    getBytes(): Uint8Array;
    getDigest(): Uint8Array;
    getStatus(options?): Promise<Status>;
    getTransactionId(): string;

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  • Get the serialized bytes of the signable object. Serialized bytes can be used to recreate the object using methods on Gateway.

    Returns Uint8Array

  • Get the digest of the signable object. This is used to generate a digital signature.

    Returns Uint8Array

  • Get status of the committed transaction. If the transaction has not yet committed, this method blocks until the commit occurs.


    • Optional options: CallOptions

      gRPC call options.

    Returns Promise<Status>


    CommitStatusError Thrown if the gRPC service invocation fails.

  • Get the ID of the transaction.

    Returns string