Allows access to the transaction result and its commit status on the ledger.

interface SubmittedTransaction {
    getBytes(): Uint8Array;
    getDigest(): Uint8Array;
    getResult(): Uint8Array;
    getStatus(options?): Promise<Status>;
    getTransactionId(): string;

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  • Get the serialized bytes of the signable object. Serialized bytes can be used to recreate the object using methods on Gateway.

    Returns Uint8Array

  • Get the digest of the signable object. This is used to generate a digital signature.

    Returns Uint8Array

  • Get the transaction result. This is obtained during the endorsement process when the transaction proposal is run on endorsing peers and so is available immediately. The transaction might subsequently fail to commit successfully.

    Returns Uint8Array

  • Get status of the committed transaction. If the transaction has not yet committed, this method blocks until the commit occurs.


    • Optional options: CallOptions

      gRPC call options.

    Returns Promise<Status>


    CommitStatusError Thrown if the gRPC service invocation fails.