• Create a new signing implementation that uses the supplied private key to sign messages.

    Currently supported private key types are:

    • NIST P-256 elliptic curve.
    • NIST P-384 elliptic curve.
    • Ed25519.

    Note that the signer implementations have different expectations on the input data supplied to them.

    The P-256 and P-384 signers operate on a pre-computed message digest, and should be combined with an appropriate hash algorithm. P-256 is typically used with a SHA-256 hash, and P-384 is typically used with a SHA-384 hash.

    The Ed25519 signer operates on the full message content, and should be combined with a none (or no-op) hash implementation to ensure the complete message is passed to the signer.


    • key: KeyObject

      A private key.

    Returns Signer

    A signing implementation.