Integrating with Node-RED

Integrating with Node-RED

Node-RED is a lightweight Open Source integration technology, written in JavaScript. It uses a graphical flow to integrate different nodes, where nodes can receive data, transform data and output data.

Node-RED is commonly used to rapidly prototype Internet of Things style applications, or to wire existing Internet services together.

You can use the Hyperledger Composer Node-RED contribution to:

  • Submit transactions
  • Read and update assets and participants
  • Subscribe to events
  • Delete assets and participants

The Hyperledger Composer Node-RED nodes are distributed as a standalone npm package, published here: -

Hyperledger Composer Node-RED Nodes


A node red output node that allows you to create, update or delete assets or participants and submit transactions. For example, combining the hyperledger-composer-out node with an inject node allows you to create participants by submitting JSON definitions of those participants.


A node red mid flow node that allows you to create, retrieve, update, or delete assets and participants from a registry. For example, combining hyperledger-composer-mid with an inject node allows you to retrieve assets or participants by submitting the correct registry and identifying field as a JSON object.


A Node-RED input node that subscribes to events from a blockchain.