System Namespace Reference

The Hyperledger Composer system namespace

The Hyperledger Composer system namespace is the base definition of all business network class definitions. All asset, participant, and transaction definitions extend those defined here.


In the summary section there is a full list of all system namespace class definitions, along with their associated namespaces, names, and descriptions. For more information on an individual class definition, check the appropriate page.


The system namespace assets are:

  • Asset
  • Registry
  • AssetRegistry
  • ParticipantRegistry
  • TransactionRegistry
  • Network
  • HistorianRecord
  • Identity


The system namespace participants are:

  • Participant
  • NetworkAdmin


The system namespace transactions are:

  • Transaction
  • RegistryTransaction
  • AssetTransaction
  • ParticipantTransaction
  • AddAsset
  • UpdateAsset
  • RemoveAsset
  • AddParticipant
  • UpdateParticipant
  • RemoveParticipant
  • IssueIdentity
  • BindIdentity
  • ActivateCurrentIdentity
  • RevokeIdentity
  • StartBusinessNetwork
  • ResetBusinessNetwork
  • SetLogLevel


The system namespace events are:

  • Event


The system namespace enumerations are:

  • IdentityState