Reference material for Hyperledger Composer

The Hyperledger Composer reference material contains a number of topics including reference information for the npm modules, CLI commands, modeling language, APIs, connection profiles, and a glossary of common terms.


The Hyperledger Composer Historian provides a registry that contains information about historical transactions

Hyperledger Composer npm Modules

Hyperledger Composer contains a number of npm modules which provide the APIs and command line tools necessary for developing a solution with Hyperledger Composer.

Modeling Language

The Hyperledger Composer modeling language is an object-oriented language which defines the business network model containing assets, participants, and transactions.

Access Control Language

The Hyperledger Composer access control language provides declarative access control over the elements of the domain model. Access control rules define actions that individual participants or participant groups can perform on resources in the business network, including conditional actions.

Query Language

The Hyperledger Composer query language defines queries to run and return data from business networks.

Model Compatibility

Composer models are expected to change and evolve over time. However some care and discipline must be applied when making model changes to ensure that existing instances are still valid with respect to the new model.

Connection Profiles

In order to connect your business network to a fabric, you must define a connection profile. Connection profiles contain the information necessary to connect to a fabric. This topic contains example connection profiles for Hyperledger Fabric v1.1.

Transaction Processor Functions

A Hyperledger Composer business network must include one or more script files to implement transaction logic. The transaction logic is automatically invoked by the runtime whenever the relevant transactions are submitted.

Hyperledger Composer CLI Commands

The list of all Hyperledger Composer CLI commands for performing multiple administrative, operational, and development tasks.

Hyperledger Composer REST Server

Reference documentation for the Hyperledger Composer REST server.

Hyperledger Composer Glossary of Terms

The glossary contains definitions of all Hyperledger Composer terms for developing a solution with Hyperledger Composer.