Hyperledger Composer CLI Commands

Hyperledger Composer Command Line

The Hyperledger Composer command line application, composer, can be used to perform multiple administrative, operational, and development tasks.

The Hyperledger Composer command line application can be installed using npm:

npm install -g composer-cli@0.19

Please note: When using Ubuntu this command will fail when running in a root user shell.

A Javascript API is also available with the same behavior than the Hyperledger Composer command line application.

Business Network Archives

composer archive create

Create a Business Network Archive from a directory on disk: composer archive create

composer archive list

Verify the contents of a Business Network Archive on disk: composer archive list

Business Network Card Management

composer card create

Creates a business network card from a connection profile, business network name, and certificates: composer card create

composer card delete

Deletes a business network card which you have imported locally: composer card delete

composer card import

Imports a created card into your local wallet: composer card import

composer card export

Exports and packages a card from your wallet: composer card export

composer card list

Lists all cards currently in your wallet: composer card list

Business Network management

composer network install

Install a business network archive to an organization's Hyperledger Fabric peer(s): composer network install

composer network start

Start an already installed business network: composer network start

composer network list

List the contents of a deployed Business Network: composer network list

composer network loglevel

Return or update the log level for the composer runtime: composer network loglevel

composer network ping

Test the connection to a deployed a Business Network: composer network ping

composer network upgrade

Upgrade the Hyperledger Composer runtime of a specific deployed business network: composer network upgrade

composer network download

Download the business network definition that is currently deployed to an instance of Hyperledger Fabric: composer network download

composer network reset

Reset the business network that is currently deployed to an instance of Hyperledger Fabric: composer network reset

Participant and Identity management

composer participant add

Adds a participant to a participant registry: composer participant add

composer identity issue

Issue a new identity to a participant: composer identity issue

composer identity bind

Bind an existing identity to a participant: composer identity bind

composer identity list

List all identities in a business network: composer identity list

composer identity revoke

Revoke an identity from a participant: composer identity revoke

Support diagnostics

composer report

Create a diagnostic report: composer report

Transaction execution

composer transaction submit

Submit a transaction for execution: composer transaction submit

Composer Generator

composer generator create

Create files useful for application development: composer generator create

composer generator docs

Create documentation for a business network definition: composer generator docs