Listing all identities in a business network

Listing all identities in a business network

When a new identity is issued to a participant, or an existing identity is bound to a participant, a mapping between the identity and the participant is created in the identity registry in the deployed business network. When that participant uses that identity to submit transactions to the deployed business network, the Composer runtime looks for a valid mapping for that identity in the identity registry. This lookup is done using the public key signature or fingerprint, essentially a hash of the certificate contents that is unique to that certificate and identity.

In order to perform identity management operations in a deployed business network, you will need to list and review the set of identities in the identity registry.

Before you start

Before you follow these steps, you should have added a participant to a participant registry, and issued a new identity or bound an existing identity to that participant. Otherwise the identity registry will be empty and you will not see any results.


  1. Connect to the business network and list the identities in the identity registry
    • JavaScript API
  const BusinessNetworkConnection = require('composer-client').BusinessNetworkConnection;

  async function identityList() {
      let businessNetworkConnection = new BusinessNetworkConnection();
      try {
          await businessNetworkConnection.connect('admin@digitalPropertyNetwork');
          let identityRegistry = await businessNetworkConnection.getIdentityRegistry();
          let identities = await identityRegistry.getAll();
          identities.forEach((identity) => {
            console.log(`identityId = ${identity.identityId}, name = ${}, state = ${identity.state}`);
          await businessNetworkConnection.disconnect();
      } catch(error) {
  • Command line

    composer identity list -c admin@digitalPropertyNetwork