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Install Iroha 2

To install Iroha, follow these instructions:

  1. Choose the Iroha 2 version to work with
  2. Install prerequisites
  3. Install Iroha from GitHub

Choose Version

You can choose to work with one of the following versions of Iroha: dev, lts, or stable:

iroha2-devThis is the latest state of Iroha and it is not meant to be used in production. This is an intermediate, untested, potentially broken state, and therefore we cannot guarantee that it is usable or stable.
iroha2-stableThis is the latest released version of Iroha. Stable versions are tested and released once a month, in accordance with our release schedule. You can use the stable version in production, and we will offer you tech support.
iroha2-ltsThis is the long-term supported version. We guarantee its compatibility with SDKs, toolsets, and block stores released when it came out. We recommend using the LTS version in production since it is the version that will not change much over time. Similarly to the stable version, we offer tech support for LTS.

Install Prerequisites

To install Iroha from GitHub, you need:

Install OpenSSL

Make sure you have OpenSSL installed. Note that in most Linux setups it is already available to you.

  • Install OpenSSL on Ubuntu:

    $ sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
  • Install OpenSSL on macOS using brew:

    $ brew install openssl

Check the OpenSSL installation guide for details.

Install Iroha from GitHub

  1. If you haven’t already, you might want to create a clean folder for Iroha 2, to keep things tidy.

    $ mkdir -p ~/Git


    On macOS, if you get fatal: could not create work tree dir 'iroha': Read-only file system, that’s because the home folder is not a real file system. The fix is to create the Git folder.

  2. Enter the directory you have just created using

    $ cd ~/Git
  3. Then clone the Iroha git repository into the folder ~/Git/iroha and checkout the branch you prefer to work on. You can use the iroha2-lts branch, which is the long-term support release, or the latest stable release branch (iroha2-stable). To clone the repository and checkout the stable release, run:

    $ git clone --branch iroha2-stable

    This will fetch all of Iroha, including Iroha 1, and the iroha2-dev branch, which we will touch upon later.

What's next