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Index of Classes

Common API

Name Description
AssetDeclaration AssetDeclaration defines the schema (aka model or class) for an Asset
BusinessNetworkCardStore Manages persistence of business network cards
BusinessNetworkDefinition A BusinessNetworkDefinition defines a set of Participants that exchange Assets by
sending Transactions.
BusinessNetworkMetadata Defines the metadata for a BusinessNeworkDefinition
ClassDeclaration ClassDeclaration defines the structure (model/schema) of composite data
Concept Resource is an instance that has a type
ConceptDeclaration ConceptDeclaration defines the schema (aka model or class) for an Concept
Decorator Decorator encapsulates a decorator (annotation) on a class or property
DecoratorFactory An interface for a class that processes a decorator and returns a specific implementation class for that decorator
EnumDeclaration EnumDeclaration defines an enumeration of static values
EnumValueDeclaration Class representing a value from a set of enumerated values
EventDeclaration Class representing the definition of an Event
Factory Use the Factory to create instances of Resource: transactions, participants and assets
FunctionDeclaration FunctionDeclaration defines a function that has been defined in a model file
IdCard Business Network Card to connect to a business network
Identifiable Identifiable is an entity with a namespace, type and an identifier
Introspector Provides access to the structure of transactions, assets and participants
ModelFile Class representing a Model File
ModelManager Manages the Composer model files
ParticipantDeclaration Class representing the definition of a Participant
Property Property representing an attribute of a class declaration, either a Field or a Relationship
Relationship A Relationship is a typed pointer to an instance
RelationshipDeclaration Class representing a relationship between model elements
Resource Resource is an instance that has a type
Serializer Serialize Resources instances to/from various formats for long-term storage (e
TransactionDeclaration Class representing the definition of an Transaction
Typed Object is an instance with a namespace and a type
ValidatedConcept Resource is an instance that has a type
ValidatedResource ValidatedResource is a Resource that can validate that property changes (or the whole instance) do not violate the structure of the type information associated with the instance

Client API

Name Description
AssetRegistry The AssetRegistry is used to manage a set of assets stored on the Blockchain
BusinessNetworkConnection Use this class to connect to and then interact with a deployed {@link module:composer-common
Historian The Historian records the history of actions taken using Composer
IdentityRegistry The IdentityRegistry is used to store a set of identities on the blockchain
ParticipantRegistry The ParticipantRegistry is used to manage a set of participants stored on the blockchain
Query The Query class represents a built query
Registry Class representing an Abstract Registry
TransactionRegistry The TransactionRegistry is used to store a set of transactions on the blockchain

Admin API

Name Description
AdminConnection This class creates an administration connection to a Hyperledger Composer runtime

Runtime API

Name Description
Api A class that contains the root of the transaction processor API
AssetRegistry An asset registry manages a set of assets.
Factory A factory creates new instances of assets, participants, transactions,
and relationships.
ParticipantRegistry An participant registry manages a set of participants.
Query A query represents a built query.
Serializer A serializer serializes instances of assets, participants, transactions,
and relationships to and from a JSON serialization format.